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Our Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Associates are specialists with global experience and background in innovation, management, design, strategy, and execution. They work with your team to gain immediate achievable milestones.

Abstract Innovation requires contributions from market knowledge, openness to sources of technology, and hard work.
Innovation should be measured by market value (or customer and producer), not strictly technological novelty Often innovation comes from combining existing elements. To have sustained value, innovation needs to be protected (trade secrets, patents, trademarks, etc)
The protection of intellectual property requires an investment of both time and money and needs to be a core part of program planning and execution

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SOC Technologies Authorized Partner:

  • H.264 & H.265 IP cores for video encoding & decoding for FPGA
  • Training for Electronics Engineers in H.264 video IP cores on FPGA, real time video
  • Custom FPGA projects
  • OEM projects





by Innovation Coach:

on Open Innovation:
"There are many more ideas and smart people outside your company than inside
There is tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise among your customers and partners waiting to be harnessed
The global talent pool dwarfs the talent in developed markets"

- Phil Thomas
   M. Eng, Innovation Management Expert